I came up with the idea of reusable leashes after decades of travelling in vans around the world chasing swells of all kinds. After breaking many leashes in my time, I became increasingly frustrated with the disposable mindset of the surf industry.

These broken leashes still contained many reusable parts, that, until now, ended up in landfill. 

I worked in surf retail for years and then became the warehouse manager for a leading eyewear and apparel brand at its Australia distribution centre. Several years passed, and I realised that consumerism is one of the many problems facing humanity. 

Next, I went back to university and became a high school teacher. I worked casually for 4 years, simply powersaving at home for the next van trip abroad. I did 4 separate road trips around North America that included 5 road trips to Baja and Mainland Mexico as well as 3 snow seasons in British Columbia.

I worked as a teacher full time for 2014 and 2015 .

The idea of creating a better surf leash company came about in early 2015. I finally came up with the name Smart Leash Co and started designing my first range.

I continue to work as a casual teacher whilst getting Smart Leash Co off the ground.

Daniel Thwaite @maddoghellman